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Paying attention to freight at the port

Coordination of cargo handling at the port is a critical stage of the total global shipping process. High value project cargo requires a detailed execution plan within the port facilities. Our knowledgeable staff analyzes this aspect of the project to determine whether the port has suitable cranes and equipment; experienced stevedore labour; and secure, safe and suitable storage. We analyze every aspect of how the cargo will be handled from the time it arrives at the port until it is safely stowed on the vessel.
Let us add value to your project, as we:

  • Conduct detailed surveys to determine the optimal port, terminal and berth to support your project

  • Consider direct loading from truck, rail or barge to ocean vessel to minimize port handling and reduce overall costs

  • Negotiate with terminals to develop the optimal handling program that best protects the cargo

  • Suggest measures for lifting, lashing and securing freight

  • Determine whether last minute cargo preparations or export crating services can be performed at the port or arrange for those preparations to be done off site

  • Provide onsite representation and project management

  • Arrange for marine surveys